Water sources in schools - why is it worth it?

Drinking water sources and dispensers in schools are an important part of ensuring access to healthy water for pupils. How do these state-of-the-art solutions affect comfort, health and the development of healthy habits among children and young people. This is discussed in this blog post. Drinking water sources and dispensers in schools ensure that students have continuous access to clean and healthy water. [...]

Modern water distribution equipment in the context of sustainable construction

Sustainable construction is primarily intended to generate social and financial benefits. It is one of the main elements of the European Union's economic development strategy in recent years. In the near future, it will be based on smart, sustainable growth and on improving energy efficiency and optimising the use of natural resources, but above all on reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. [...]

What are the benefits of installing drinking water springs in buildings?

Drinking water wells in buildings are often overlooked in projects, which is a mistake, as they play a significant role in promoting both environmental sustainability and economic efficiency. These inconspicuous solutions provide easy access to clean drinking water, reducing the need for disposable plastic bottles and the associated environmental and financial costs. Which ones? About this in this article.

Drinking water springs in public spaces - why should there be more and more of them?

Universal access to drinking water in public spaces has been the norm for many years in Western European and North American cities. In many of them, drinking water springs were established as early as the 19th century and in some cases even much earlier. Today, in Poland too, there is increasing talk of the need to provide as many places as possible with public access to water. Why are drinking water springs in public spaces so important? What can we do to increase their number?

How to reduce plastic waste on a college campus - a case study from a US campus

We discuss the issue of making drinking water available on campuses and in schools - how an appropriate educational and awareness-building process influences the informed choice of young people between bottled water and tap water. Although the information presented below refers to the situation in the United States, similar problems also exist in Europe. In Poland, too, despite extensive [...].