How to reduce plastic waste on a college campus - a case study from a US campus

We discuss the issue of making drinking water available on campuses and in schools - how an appropriate educational and awareness-building process influences the informed choice of young people between bottled water and tap water. Although the information presented below refers to the situation in the United States, similar problems also exist in Europe. In Poland, too, despite extensive [...].

Outdoor drinking water station with animal drinker GYQ-PF

Outdoor drinking water station, 2*source/dispenser/watering bowl, GYQ-PFProduct code:142.400.209 Product description Outdoor drinking water station with two side bowls and a bottle filler. It also has a lower bowl that serves as a drinker for animals. Thanks to the appropriate positioning of the side bowl, the unit meets the requirements for people with disabilities. Designed for outdoor applications such as parks, promenades, urban gardens and paths [...]

Drinking water dispenser wall-mounted with sensor BF16

Drinking water dispenser (indoor), wall-mounted, sensor, steel finish BF16-BCDProduct code: 142.300.201 Product description Sensor-controlled wall-mounted water dispenser for filling bottles. It has a built-in sensor that triggers the discharge of water with a maximum operating time of 20 seconds. LED lighting provides visibility in the bottle filling area and increases its brightness when a bottle is detected. The bottle filling dispenser dispenses water at a rate of approximately 3.8 [...].