How water influences proper development and well-being among children and young people

It is an obvious fact that water is a life-giving resource for every human being, regardless of age. However, for children and young people, drinking clean water plays an extremely important role in maintaining health, concentration, proper development and overall well-being. Firstly, water plays a key role in maintaining the proper functioning of the body. Children and adolescents, due to their rapid metabolism [...].

Raising standards in office space

Modern offices are placing increasing emphasis on improving working conditions and increasing employee efficiency. One simple yet effective solution is to introduce tap water dispensers into the office space. Not only do tap water dispensers offer access to fresh water in a convenient manner, but they bring with them a number of benefits that contribute to the overall comfort of the workplace. Constant [...]

The drinking water station with hand-washing station is a hit!

In recent years and events, authorities, municipalities, companies and designers alike have been looking for solutions to make public spaces not only more functional, but also safer. Hygiene is a very important issue at present, so new solutions are appearing on the market all the time, thanks to which it is possible to maintain hygiene and promote health [...].

Why it is important for designers to include drinking water outlets in their designs

Designers have many reasons to include springs and drinking water sources in their designs. Here are some key arguments in favour. Promoting a healthy lifestyle Placing drinking water springs in public places encourages people to drink water and supports a healthy lifestyle. Access to drinking water on streets, in parks or in public buildings can [...]

Why is it important to remember to drink enough water?

Water is the foundation of our existence, playing a key role in the functioning of the human body. Its consumption is of paramount importance in maintaining health and the proper functioning of all body systems. Unfortunately, many of us downplay this issue, failing to realise the numerous benefits of regular water consumption. Hydration as the key to proper body function Water is an essential [...]

Are you familiar with the EU directive on quality and access to drinking water? Are you taking them into account in your projects?

At the end of 2020, the European Parliament adopted a directive regulating the quality of drinking water in the countries of the European Union and aiming to ensure access to drinking water for all, in particular for vulnerable groups who have hitherto found it difficult to access water. The implementation of the directive is linked to the European Green Deal, but also responds to demands [...]

Welcome to green projects - use water dispensers in your projects

Did you know that your project can have a positive impact on the environment? Instead of supporting the production of plastic bottles, you can use eco-friendly solutions! Take a look at our water dispensers that will fit perfectly into your projects. No more plastic waste We have already seen pictures, videos and information about plastic bottles polluting our planet. This is a problem we can tackle [...].

Drinking water wells in the city: promotion for waterworks, benefits for residents, opportunity for your project

Clean and healthy drinking water is a key element for a healthy lifestyle and social well-being. It is therefore of utmost importance that residents of cities and municipalities have easy access to exceptional water quality. One step in this direction is the installation of drinking water sources in public areas. It is worth taking a look at why city authorities are increasingly opting for [...]

The importance of children drinking water - education and water dispensers in schools

Water is an essential component of a healthy diet, especially for children during their development. Drinking water instead of sweetened beverages has a number of health benefits, and the introduction of water dispensers in schools can make an important contribution to promoting this healthy habit. The first major argument for children to drink water is that water is essential for the body to function properly. Water [...]

Less waste every day

For some time now, we have been hearing more and more about the idea of zero waste and different ways to consume less. Is zero waste in construction even possible? What can we really afford? In the construction industry, we have a lot of solutions - technological, design or management-related. How important is choosing the right product in reducing resources? Together with [...]