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Spas, springs and drinking water stations are increasingly becoming an integral part of public spaces and modern buildings. They are often elements required by the target audience. Local authorities obliged to provide drinking water in public spaces decide to install them in city and municipal areas, they are installed in schools, offices or local sports, culture and recreation centres.

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Individual customers are increasingly challenging designers to equip their home or flat with a designer and discreet solution to provide them with chilled and sparkling water.

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In the era of sustainable construction, water sprinklers and networked water dispensers are becoming one of the obligatory devices required by investors. Hence, designers and landscape architects are increasingly enquiring about our solutions, their functions, dimensions and adaptability to specific projects.

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For years, we have been helping designers and architects to create unique projects that have changed the face of Polish cities and made buildings friendly and environmentally friendly. We provide professional support in the selection of appropriate equipment and its adaptation to both existing facilities and completely new projects.

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We have prepared a package of professional materials so that you can easily implement our solutions into your ideas and develop the appropriate documentation. In addition, we have developed a series of information brochures which will tell you, among other things, how to choose or design a water feature to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, what you need to pay attention to when choosing and installing water features and what Polish and EU regulations say about the necessity of installing these devices in public spaces.

We work with interior designers, landscape architects and plumbing designers alike. For each of these groups, we have a tailored package of materials that will allow them to increase the attractiveness of the designed objects and places, raise their standard and functionality. Find out what we have prepared for you. Download our PROJECTOR'S GUIDE.