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equipment provides their
long service life!

With this in mind, we provide professional installation and maintenance services for springs, sprinklers and drinking water distributors. We offer both one-off maintenance as well as long-term maintenance contracts regardless of the manufacturer of the device.

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Our employees are experienced specialists who periodically expand their knowledge during technical training courses both in Poland and abroad.

Full range of services

We focus on comprehensiveness, which is why we offer a wide range of maintenance services. These include:

correct installation of equipment to ensure safety of use and of the facility

correct installation of equipment to ensure safety of use and of the facility

installation of filtration systems, meters, non-return and drainage valves, etc.

implementation and adjustment of our proprietary HFS flushing system, which ensures cleanliness of the unit and consistent quality of the outgoing water

adjustment of equipment, connection and replacement of CO2 cylinders and antibacterial UV lamps

sanitation of sprinklers and dispensers using professional tools and agents

securing outdoor facilities before the winter period and putting them back into operation in the spring

installation and installation services

We always provide our customers with full technical documentation so that they are able to assemble the purchased sprinklers or distributors themselves. We are also a full-service company, so we offer not only the sale and service of devices, but also their professional installation. We carry out the installation of both indoor springs and water stations, but also the installation of outdoor springs. All activities are carried out after a detailed analysis, a site visit and agreement of details with the investor. We regulate, test and clean the device before putting it into operation. You do not have to worry about anything.

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Services sanitisation

We would like to remind all our recipients of the need for regular maintenance, regular cleaning and regular sanitation of the equipment. While you can carry out the first two tasks without any problems on your own, the disinfection of appliances and their internal installations must only be carried out using appropriate means and observing the relevant rules in order to prevent contamination of the water with the disinfectant.

This treatment should be carried out at least once a year to ensure the highest water quality from the facilities, its purity and bacteriological safety. So base yourself on experience and apply to our service department. Using tested and manufacturer-recommended means we will disinfect your equipment in a professional and appropriate manner.

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uv lamps

Also those who have UV lamps or filters installed in their unit are reminded to change them regularly. UV lamps should be changed once a year, filters on average twice a year according to their performance. While a filter change is not too difficult and can be carried out by yourself, a UV lamp change requires some practice and the disassembly of the equipment. We are happy to help you with this, too.

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Eager to assist

We are also always happy to provide technical advice and help with the installation of our equipment. If you have any doubts about the operation of any of them, please contact us. After each service, you will receive a detailed service report and recommendations for further use.

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