for the disabled

Spas for all

Our range of products includes innovative and robustly manufactured dispensers and drinking water dispensers, specially constructed to facilitate access for people with disabilities. We provide our customers with top quality, tested products that are perfectly suited for regular use, ensuring easy access to fresh drinking water for everyone. Providing easily accessible sources of drinking water, including dispensers and sprinklers designed with disabled people in mind, is essential in any workplace, office or institution. Our products are carefully designed to be comfortable to use for people with disabilities, meet all certification requirements, minimise the risk of water spillage and quickly quench thirst.

In our range, you will find an extensive selection of drinking water distribution equipment, from stations to sprinklers and dispensers, all of which have been specially developed to provide convenience for people with disabilities. We are confident that our products will meet your expectations and blend perfectly into any work space, ensuring that everyone has equal access to clean drinking water. We offer only high-quality water dispensers and sprinklers, characterised by durability and resistance to mechanical damage and other external factors.