Free-standing external water features

Freestanding outdoor water sprinklers are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Our online shop offers the latest versions of these devices, developed for reliable outdoor operation and regular use. The installation of these fresh drinking water access points in public areas, such as parks, squares or recreational areas, is key to promoting public health and ensuring the wellbeing and energy of users. Our products are designed for long-lasting durability and are suitable for a variety of weather conditions, have the necessary certifications and approvals, and are constructed to minimise the risk of water splashing for convenient use.

Our online range offers a wide selection, including just outdoor freestanding sprinklers. We believe that in our range you will find a product that not only meets your requirements, but also aesthetically blends into your outdoor space, whether it is a park, garden, workplace or relaxation area. Each of our products is distinguished by its high quality of workmanship, resistance to mechanical damage and changeable weather, which guarantees their long-term and trouble-free use.