Compact Fizz chilled and sparkling water dispenser

Discover a one-of-a-kind compact chilled and sparkling water dispenser that is perfect for home and office use and offers superior water quality and outstanding performance.

It provides access to cool still water, carbonated water, room-temperature water and also hot water (HOT model) straight from the mains water supply. It is an innovative water dispenser with smart electronics, telemetry, with control via an Android and iOS app, which provides the ability to operate the device remotely.


  • Allows convenient filling of bottles, carafes and cups.
  • It has a robust construction made of damage-resistant plastic.
  • A built-in chiller allows water to be cooled efficiently.
  • A professional unit saturates the water with CO2 (FIZZ).
  • An innovative cooling system provides electricity savings of up to 30%.
  • The risk of bacterial growth is reduced to a minimum thanks to a special electro-valve system.


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