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We specialise in the supply of springs, sprinklers and drinking water distributors. We offer our solutions throughout our country, but not only. We are also an authorised distributor of American Murdock brand equipment in Europe.

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Are you from Europe or the Middle East and would you like to work with us? Read the rules for cooperation with distributors outside Poland.

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For years, we have been successively developing our business by expanding our network of partners. It is worth taking an interest in our solutions. Find out about the terms and conditions of cooperation with us and become our distributor.


For a long time now, springs, fountains and tap water dispensers have been meeting with increasing interest and a positive reception among the inhabitants of cities and municipalities in Poland. This is due both to the modernity and functionality of the devices, but also to the increased public awareness of drinking tap water. For this reason, more and more towns and cities are choosing to install water dispensers in city areas, offices, schools and customer service points.

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For water companies, it is part of promoting the water they produce. For workplaces, it is a great solution to meet the obligation to provide employees with access to drinking water while at work in an ecological and, importantly, economical way. Our solutions are used practically everywhere: in offices, shopping malls, airports, factories, sports and cultural centres. Year on year, we are seeing a dynamic increase in interest in spas, with Polish and EU legislation (Directive 2020/2184) contributing to an increase in their supply.

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We provide our partners with:

Access to our wide range of products

Professional product, sales and technical training

High-quality products with PZH approval

Business know-how

Marketing support


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Interest in and demand for springs and drinking water springs is constantly growing. Target customers, subcontractors and designers are all asking for them. By incorporating these solutions into your product range, you will increase the attractiveness of your products, gain new customers and strengthen your market position.


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We know that to be successful in business you need to know your subject, which is why we pay so much attention to preparing our partners properly. We train in both product and technical terms, advise and assist at every stage of cooperation.

We are not limited to just supplying products - we have a package of special benefits for our distributors:

On our website you will find a range of information about the products themselves, but also interesting facts about water and its health-promoting properties, or the benefits of replacing bottled water with water from mains dispensers. It is worth taking a look at our gallery, where we post photos of our past projects.

Attractive discount system

Possibility of booking and fast turnaround times for stock products

Drop shipping - deliveries straight from our warehouse but branded with your logo

Support in the processing of orders for personalised devices (colour change, placement of graphics or customer logo on the device, creation of visuals)

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with us, please write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!