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For years, we have been working together with designers and architects to create unique designs in line with current trends. For a long time now, we have been observing increased interest from investors, and thus also from designers and contractors, in all kinds of solutions enabling unrestricted access to drinking water.

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The proper preparation of connections and drainage is extremely important in this type of project. For this reason, we work closely with plumbing system designers. With our help and materials, they can quickly and correctly prepare the execution documentation. And all of this is geared towards one goal: to provide urban areas and buildings with solutions that turn them into places that are resident-friendly and open to their needs.

More than one project is behind us. Each new one enriches our experience, which we are happy to share with others. If you are looking for reliable and practical information, please contact us. See what you can count on from our side:

Use off-the-shelf designs, save time and money

Examples of off-the-shelf connections to help you create your own design

Technical drawings in various formats for dimensioning and insertion into a specific project

Technical and product support at every stage of implementation

Access to necessary approvals, certificates, declarations

Editable product descriptions that can be modified for the development of, for example, tender documents

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