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In this section you will find a range of practical information related to our solutions. In the articles, we share our experience, discuss implementation steps and highlight good practices. It is a reliable source of information and advice on the provision of drinking water in public spaces, the legal regulations in this area, the benefits of installing drinking water dispensers and the technological aspects in this field.

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Why choose water sprinklers and dispensers adapted to the needs of people with disabilities

In today's society, there is an increasing focus on accessibility and facilitation for people with disabilities. One of the key elements of everyday [...]
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How do drinking water stations and mains water dispensers affect the positive perception of buildings?

Drinking water stations and tap water dispensers can positively influence the perception of buildings and facilities in many different ways. W [...]
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Why it is important for designers to include drinking water outlets in their designs

Designers have many reasons to include springs and drinking water sources in their designs. Here are some key arguments in favour of [...]
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Welcome to green projects - use water dispensers in your projects

Did you know that your project can have a positive impact on the environment? Instead of supporting the production of plastic bottles, you can use eco-friendly solutions! Take a look [...]
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Drinking water wells in the city: promotion for waterworks, benefits for residents, opportunity for your project

Clean and healthy drinking water is a key element for a healthy lifestyle and social well-being. It is therefore extremely important that residents [...]
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Less waste every day

For some time now, we have been hearing more and more about the idea of zero waste and the various ways to consume less. Is zero waste in [...]
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Instead of buying another bottle of water, get a water bottle and use eco-friendly solutions

Have you thought about how many plastic bottles end up as waste in our environment every day? Online or on TV we can [...].
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Drinking water wells - your ally in obtaining eco-building certification

Drinking water wells are ecological, economical and safe solutions for providing unlimited tap water in offices, offices, workplaces, [...]
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Modern water distribution equipment in the context of sustainable construction

Sustainable construction is primarily aimed at generating social and financial benefits. It is one of the main elements of the economic development strategy [...].
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Take advantage of our free e-books - it's worth knowing more

To meet the expectations of our audience, as well as all those interested in the topic of drinking water and its provision in public places, we have prepared a practical [...]
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Solutions for the disabled - advice for designers and contractors

Tap water sprinklers have established themselves on the Polish market for good. They are appearing in places such as parks, playgrounds, outdoor gyms, [...]
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How do you prepare your springs for the spring-summer season?

There are a number of important things to bear in mind before restarting the outdoor springs for the next season. Proper preparation of the equipment will ensure trouble-free and [...]
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Innovative rinsing system for springs

Co zrobić, aby korzystanie ze zdrojów publicznych ustawionych na zewnątrz było higieniczne i bezpieczne? Zdroje zewnętrzne nastawione są na działanie […]
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