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Roofs as construction products and the need for a "B" construction mark

Sprinklers, or public drinking water springs, play an important role in providing access to clean and safe water in public places such as parks, playgrounds, schools and town centres. As construction products, they must meet a number of specific standards and regulations in order to be legally installed and used. One of the most important requirements, apart from the PZH approval, is to have a 'B' construction mark.

Why do sprinklers need to have a 'B' construction mark?

User safety: Spas are often used by large numbers of people every day. To ensure that the water is safe to drink, the sprinklers must meet strict sanitary and hygienic standards. The 'B' construction mark confirms that the product has passed the appropriate quality and safety tests, protecting the health of users.

Quality and durabilityAs construction products, sprinklers must be made of materials that are resistant to weather conditions and intensive use. The 'B' mark guarantees that the sprinklers are robust, durable and will last for a long time without the need for frequent repairs or replacement.

Compliance with building regulationsThe installation of water dispensers in public areas is subject to building regulations and health legislation. Obtaining the "B" mark is proof that the sprinklers meet all the required legal standards, which is a prerequisite for their legal installation.

Meaning of the "B" building sign

For users tevitabilitythat the water from such springs is safe to drink and that the springs themselves are made of materials that do not pose a health risk. The 'B' label attests to the high quality of the product, which builds users' confidence in using public springs.

For infrastructure managers Having a 'B' construction mark is essential for the legal installation of sprinklers in public places, thus avoiding legal problems and sanctions. It is also a confirmation of high quality and safe solutions for them. 'B' marked sprinklers are durable and reliable, which minimises the costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

As construction products, water sprinklers must carry the 'B' construction mark for a number of reasons relating to safety, quality and regulatory compliance. The mark certifies that high standards are met, ensuring that users are safe and have confidence in the quality of the water, and that manufacturers and infrastructure managers can legally install and operate the wells. In this way, the wells can effectively serve the community by providing access to clean and safe drinking water.

Our solutions are not only approved by the PZH (German Institute of Hygiene), but also carry the B building mark. That is why you can be sure that you are making the right choice with our solutions.