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We are the Murdock Distribution Hub. Now original American products to provide clean and fresh tap water you can buy direct from Europe! Without extra taxes and custom duties!

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Many years of our cooperation with the world-famous Morris Group International bring new opportunities and open a new chapter in cooperation between companies, bringing a truly new opening for the European market.

Now products from factories across North America will reach you even faster and cheaper. Optimization based on cooperation allows you to build an increasingly broader offer – under the new brand

you will find more and more solutions, more crafted and better suited to your needs!

Wide selection of products

We specialize in providing solutions to ensure constant access to fresh tap water in public spaces. We offer a wide selection of water delivery and hydration stations that promote ecological, economic and proven solutions, including indoor and outdoor drinking fountains, bottle fillers, water coolers and pet fountains.

Your Benefits:

A wide range of top quality tap water distribution equipment

Professional advice as well as technical and commercial support

Delivery in line with expectations

Support at every stage: site selection, installation, assembly and operation

A wide range of additional accessories

Experience and support in the field of customization of devices

Access to water in
public spacess

Murdock water fountains and bottle filling stations provide convenient hydration options for a wide variety of public spaces:

  • Schools
  • Office buildings and workplaces
  • Public parks and promenades
  • Sporting facilities, gyms, and fitness clubs
  • Pools and beaches
  • Libraries and museums
  • City markets

Stay safe and

Water bottle refill stations promote eco-friendly habits and help reduce plastic waste our products are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel and antimicrobial, impact-resistant ABS to ensure durability and easy cleaning.

Hands-free models with sensor faucets minimize touchpoints, reducing the spread of germs.


Make your products your own with your choice of options, including color matching or by choosing additional options and customize your devices — we offer a wide selection of options, including RAL color matching and logo placement.

color, logos
and graphics

Looking for a specific color to match an existing wall or team color? No problem. We have the unique ability to match all Drinking Fountains and Bottle Fillers to any RAL color swatch. Also we have the ability to match any devices with all signature brands, graphic designs and logos.

„We make sure that customers always receive the products they need, and if necessary, we adapt our devices to individual needs. In addition we know that everyone would like to have a one-of-a-kind project, which is why at the customer’s request we paint and mark devices in accordance with the requirements of our customers. Together, we create solutions tailored to your needs.”

Wide selection of

In addition to the high quality of products, you will find very practical solutions that will ensure long-term durability and safe operation of devices like: winter cover, HFS – Hygienic Flushing System, draining valves or reinforces concrete foundation.

Catalogue and product details

We offer a wide range of different products for many needs. View our literature to learn more about our products and how we can customize them to enhance the surrounding area! For more information see our catalogue – click the photo above. Choose from the wide offer or contact us directly – we are here to help you and advise!

Read how we work

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Polish government ordered all bubbler fountains to be disabled for fear of the spread of bacteria and germs. However, doing away with drinking water was not an option. The school manager was looking for a no-touch solution for providing students and faculty with fresh, clean drinking water, and they needed the solution in just a few weeks before the school opened. Read and find out how we work - click photo above.

Inspire youself

We take pride in the products that we provide. We strive to offer products that are aesthetically coherent, durable and long-lasting. Check out our installation photos, including indoor, outdoor and custom models. Maybe they will inspire you! The Gallery you will find clicking photo above.

Cooperate with us!

We offer a wide range of different products for many needs. View our literature to learn more about our products and how we can customize them to enhance the surrounding area! Check the website of our American manufacturer Murdock – click photo above and you will be redirected. Choose from the wide offer or contact us directly – we are here to help you and advise!

Stacja wody pitnej z sensorem i licznikiem A171-BF12-BCD

Zestaw składa się z jednego źródełka oraz ściennego dystrybutora wody kranowej.
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Stylizowany zdrój wody dwumisowy M-C76B

Model M-C76B to klasyczny zdrój wodny wykonany w stylu wiktoriańskim. Idealny na rynki starych miast.
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Stylizowany zdrój wody uruchamiany pedałem nożnym M-1776

Stylizowany zdrój wody kranowej do zastosowań zewnętrznych.
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Zdrój wody wibrobetonowy GUF

Postumentowy zdrój wody z wibrobetonu. Przeznaczony do zastosowań zewnętrznych, takich jak: parki, deptaki, ogrody miejskie itp.
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