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Which water dispenser for the office? Everything you need to know!

Providing employees with constant access to drinking water is one of the basic obligations of every employer under health and safety legislation. The best way to fulfil this obligation is through an office water dispenser. Contrary to what you may think, however, choosing the right water supplier is not that simple. Before making a decision, it is important to consider what you specifically expect from the device and what kind of water you need. How do you choose a water dispenser for the office and what features should you look out for?

Water dispensers for offices - go green!

Traditional bottle dispensers, although slightly more environmentally friendly than bottled water, actually still contribute a lot of waste to the environment. This makes it increasingly common for businesses to turn to modern and much more environmentally friendly solutions such as bottleless dispensers. They have many more options and, above all, significantly reduce plastic waste. What does a bottleless water dispenser for the office consist of?

The unit needs to be connected to the water intake and electricity, after which it is immediately ready for use. This allows you to enjoy good quality, healthy tap water, which is often of better quality than the popular spa waters available on the market. In addition, it is possible to install an advanced filtration system that cleans the water from various impurities on an ongoing basis. This solution is therefore much more convenient than bottle dispensers, and also much more economical and environmentally friendly than buying ready-made bottled water. In this way, you can easily contribute to the environment by also reducing the costs associated with transporting, storing and purchasing drinking water for employees.

It is worth noting how modern appliances save energy and water. Features such as an innovative cooling system or portion control make it even more energy-efficient.

Choosing a water dispenser for the office - what options to look out for?

Above all, this equipment does not have to be limited to serving cold and hot water. By investing in good quality water dispenser for the office, you can have access to chilled, carbonated, lightly carbonated or hot water - all within one dispenser, without having to limit your choices. By reaching for this type of professional dispenser, you don't have to worry about having to buy carbonated bottled water - staff and customers have all the available options at hand. 

It is also worth paying attention to whether the company you choose offers professional servicing and installation of equipment if you need it. This type of support usually speaks well of the company and avoids problems in the event of some failure.

Another aspect is also hygiene - when using traditional dispensers you usually have to reckon with the fact that they are not very hygienic to use. Bottle-free dispensers for the office can also include a flushing system for the dispenser, which keeps the unit clean and prevents water stagnation in the system, thus guaranteeing hygienic water intake.

water dispenser in an office building

Which water dispenser for the office? Aesthetics and storage

There is no denying that when it comes to dispensers located in offices, aesthetics play a relatively important role. Popular bottle dispensers not only fit poorly into the overall interior design, giving the impression of a mismatched, tacky addition, but can also cause problems when it comes to storing and replacing gallons of water. 

Inadequate storage conditions can adversely affect water quality, and the need to change cylinders can often be problematic for office workers due to the heavy weight of a full gallon. When choosing a water dispenser for the office, it is therefore worth paying attention to how the dispenser looks and whether it fits in with the overall design of the room. This is particularly important if the water is used not only by employees, but also by visitors and customers.

You don't have to rely on boring, unsightly plastic dispensers. There are plenty of designer and modern water dispensers for the office on the market today. On selected models, there is also the option to change the colour of the casing to make the dispenser match your office even better.