Drinking water station with sensor A171-BF12

Drink water! Fill up your bidon! Hydrate yourself! Series H2o to go! is a refreshing and ecological alternative to plastic water bottles. With its modern styling, slim and sleek design, it stands out from other water dispensers and surprises with its functionality and performance features. Meet the A171-BF12 model! The most popular drinking water station model for schools and workplaces.

Featuring a water source with a refillable bottle dispenser, this dual-purpose device helps quench thirst and protects the environment from disposable plastic bottles. The station allows water to be consumed directly from the device and the wide bowl protects the floor from splashing. The bottle filler allows you to conveniently contactless filling of bottles, cups or jugs. The slim design of the filler makes the device look very modern, takes up little space and is very functional.

As standard, the unit is available in a steel finish, but on request it can be painted (bottom casing) in the colour of your choice. When installed at the correct height, the unit is suitable for people with disabilities (wheelchair users) and small children, which is why it is so often chosen as a water dispenser in schools, kindergartens and sports centres.