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In this section you will find a range of practical information related to our solutions. In the articles, we share our experience, discuss implementation steps and highlight good practices. It is a reliable source of information and advice on the provision of drinking water in public spaces, the legal regulations in this area, the benefits of installing drinking water dispensers and the technological aspects in this field.

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Top quality drinking water - Why choose a water dispenser for your home?

Adequate hydration is something we should remember no matter what time of year or age we are. Fortunately, drinking water instead of sugary drinks is becoming more and more popular every year, which translates into real benefits for our health. Still, many Poles drink too little of it. How can we change this? How can we encourage our household members to drink more water? Why should we consider buying a home drinking water dispenser? What are the benefits of having a drinking water dispenser at home?

Home water dispensers - a change for the better

Most of us associate water dispensers with offices, offices, clinics or other public places. There, you will often find these types of devices in corridors, accessible to all employees and customers. Until recently, these were mainly unattractive and difficult to maintain bottle dispensers, characterised by a large water tank that needed to be replaced regularly. Today, bottleless dispensers are increasingly common - more hygienic and easier to handle.

With this change in the public space, there has been increasing talk of the need for this type of solution in the domestic setting as well. Water dispensers help to develop the habit of drinking the right amount of water. They are simple and quick to use and the availability of different variants (chilled, heated, sparkling water) makes them more attractive than bottled water. As a result, using them comes automatically and we won't even notice when we change our lives for the better. Drinking water regularly reduces the risk of many diseases and has many long-term benefits for our health. By investing in home water dispenser we are taking the first step towards a better tomorrow for ourselves and everyone in the household.

Water distributors for the home - ecology and economy

When talking about domestic water dispensers, it is impossible not to mention their impact on ecology and our household budget. Every day, people throw away hundreds or even thousands of tonnes of plastic waste. Each single PET bottle can decompose for a thousand consecutive years. Even if we take care to segregate and all bottles are recycled, the processing of the raw material itself also has a negative impact on the environment. This is why it is so important to minimise the amount of waste produced as much as possible.

Water distributors for the home significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste in our households. With a direct connection to the mains water supply, they provide us with water in a hygienic and safe way, as well as being completely environmentally friendly. It is much more convenient than using water from a filter jug, as it does not require constant refilling and filter changes, while offering much more possibilities.

This approach is also good for our wallet. By investing in a water dispenser and developing the habit of drinking water, we save on buying bottled drinks. We can use water from the dispenser both at home and when going out or on trips. All you have to do is fill the reusable bottle directly from the device before leaving and take it with you.

water dispenser for the home located in the kitchen

Which water dispenser for the home should I choose?

Fortunately, the market for drinking water dispensers is so developed that we do not have to limit ourselves. We can easily find something that meets all our needs. What is worth looking out for?

First of all, our water preferences and expectations of the dispenser are important. Do we only care for water at room temperature or would we like to be able to access chilled or heated water quickly? Do we want a dispenser with access to plain still water or do we prefer the option of home-made sparkling water? Different devices offer different functionalities, so when choosing a home dispenser we should put our preferences first.

Another no less important consideration is the amount of space available and the design. It goes without saying that we would like the new appliance to blend in perfectly with the design of our kitchen. This means both the specific amount of space we can use for the dispenser and the materials and overall design of the appliance. Depending on how the room is finished, we can go for white, black and elegant steel dispensers.

Additional aspects such as the glass filling cradle, the activated carbon filter or the UV lamp on the inlet and spout are also worth noting, as are the energy-saving features.