Flat Fizz chilled and sparkling water dispenser, white

Water, always ready to pour into a glass, bottle or bidon, at home, in the office, bar, restaurant, canteen or in any public place. All this is made possible by chilled water dispensers, characterised by modern design, high performance, stylish appearance and with respect for the environment - this is our aim and philosophy.


Discover the modern and incredibly designer FLAT drinking water dispenser. The device is perfect for places such as offices, showrooms, offices, galleries and many more. Thanks to its small size and high quality materials, it fits in with any interior design and is also a decorative element.

  • It provides access to room temperature, chilled and carbonated water.
  • Risk of bacterial growth reduced to a minimum thanks to the special internal design.
  • A built-in cup feeder provides convenience of use.
  • The tempered glass front ensures durability and helps keep the unit clean.
  • On request, we carry out marking on the equipment - we place graphics, slogans, logos.
  • Thanks to the base, it can function as a standing dispenser or, with the help of a special bracket, it can be mounted on the wall.
  • Available with touch-panel buttons or with mechanical actuation buttons.


It is an innovative water dispenser with smart electronics, telemetry, with the ability to be controlled via an Android and iOS app that provides the ability to operate the device remotely.

Would you like your logo, slogan or chosen graphic to be on the device? With us it is possible!
On request, we carry out the labelling of distributors according to the requirements of our customers.