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Sparkling water dispenser - refreshment at your fingertips

Access to fresh water is extremely important, not only during hot weather. Adequate hydration is crucial for our health and well-being. A sip of cool, bubbly water can bring relief and quench thirst. With a sparkling water dispenser, you don't have to worry about the logistics and carry bags of spare water. Refreshment is at your fingertips - in the office, at home or in the office. How does a sparkling water dispenser work and why is it worth investing in one?

How does a sparkling water dispenser work?

Most people associate water dispensers with large, plastic devices with a huge bottle attached. Such a sight could until recently be found in many offices, offices or public places. Today, however, it is a thing of the past, and the water dispensers have undergone a real makeover. Not only do they fit in much better with their surroundings, thanks to their elegant design, but they also have many more functions and are much greener.

Modern dispensers offer the possibility of instant acquisition of cool, hot, room-temperature and also carbonated water. The dispenser is connected to the running water mains, from which it draws water. Then, inside, the water is heated, cooled or carbonated and goes into our cups and bottles. The whole process takes just a fraction of a second, and we can enjoy delicious carbonated water almost immediately.

Types of sparkling water dispensers

Due to the growing demand for sparkling water dispensers for both offices and offices as well as for private homes, the industry is growing rapidly. Not only do we have a choice of different shapes and colours of dispenser to fit perfectly into any interior design, but also a whole range of functionalities. The most common type of device is, of course, the free-standing carbonated water dispenserwhich is simply placed on the floor, usually in the kitchen or corridor.

In addition to these, there are also compact dispensers, which look like coffee machines and are placed on a countertop or table. As a result, they take up less space and are ideal for offices and private homes.

Innovative wall-mounted and recessed sparkling water dispensers are another option. These allow the filling of carafes, bidons and bottles. Such devices are ideal for locations where a free-standing dispenser is not the safest choice. For this reason, they are most often chosen for offices, schools, flats or medical facilities. Although they look inconspicuous, they enjoy very good performance - depending on the model, they are able to provide fresh, chilled, sparkling water at up to 150 litres per hour.

Dispensers also differ in the way they operate. On the market, you can find very convenient touchless carbonated water dispensers, which have a keypad activated from a distance of 1.5 cm. This is an extremely convenient and hygienic solution, especially in the case of sparkling water dispensers located in areas accessible to the public, such as offices, hospitals, offices or health facilities.

Sparkling water distributor and ecology

Drinking bottled water or using traditional bottled water dispensers is hard to talk about going green. Such activities produce tonnes of plastic waste, which is not neutral for our environment. By using bottleless carbonated water dispensers we can significantly reduce the amount of waste produced, thus contributing to the welfare of the environment.

Modern units are connected directly to the mains water supply, using high quality tap water that is completely safe for health. This not only reduces waste, but also removes the logistical problem of having to order and store bottled water. This also promotes savings, so that the purchase of a sparkling water dispenser pays for itself in an instantboth in the office and at home.