Modern water distribution equipment in the context of sustainable construction

Sustainable construction is primarily intended to generate social and financial benefits. It is one of the main elements of the European Union's economic development strategy in recent years. In the near future, it will be based on smart, sustainable growth and on improving energy efficiency and optimising the use of natural resources, but above all on reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. [...]

Take advantage of our free e-books - it's worth knowing more

In order to meet the expectations of our audience, as well as all those interested in the subject of drinking water and its provision in public places, we have prepared practical e-books, divided by topic, addressing important issues such as the selection and installation of water sprinklers and distributors. A must have for starters is the e-book on the advantages and benefits of drinking water. Further important topics include [...].

Solutions for the disabled - advice for designers and contractors

Tap water sprinklers have established themselves on the Polish market for good. They are appearing in places such as parks, playgrounds, outdoor gyms, boulevards and town squares. The European Commission is preparing changes to the law that will not only determine the quality of the water that flows in our taps, but will also guarantee access to drinking water [...].

How do you prepare your springs for the spring-summer season?

There are a number of important things to bear in mind before putting the outdoor springs back into operation for another season. Proper preparation of the equipment will guarantee trouble-free and safe use. It is not enough to simply reconnect the water supply... It is very important to disinfect the body, bowls and spouts and to flush out the internal installation. If you are wondering how to do all this correctly, we recommend contacting [...].

Innovative rinsing system for springs

What can be done to make the use of public springs set up outside hygienic and safe? Outdoor sprinklers are exposed to the weather and the actions of users. Unlike indoor dispensers, it is not possible to clean and disinfect them on a daily basis. So what can be done to make their use not only safe, but also convenient? The construction of the dispensers themselves [...].