Instead of buying another bottle of water, get a water bottle and use eco-friendly solutions

Have you ever wondered how many plastic bottles end up as waste in our environment every day? On the web or on television, we can find videos and photos showing downright piles of empty plastic bottles, or seas, lakes and rivers full of them. Plastic does not decompose, staying in the environment for hundreds of years, plastic particles are eaten by marine animals, plastic penetrates [...]

Debunking myths about tap water

Water is a fundamental element of our lives. Without it, we would not be able to exist, and therefore its quality and availability are key issues for our health and well-being. Although tap water is widely available and meets stringent quality standards, it is accompanied by many myths and misconceptions. Many of us have heard claims about the possibility of poisoning ourselves through [...]

How are drinking water outlets reducing plastic waste?

As more and more people around the world become aware of the environmental impact of plastic, we are increasingly starting to look for ways to reduce plastic waste. One key part of this process is the search for alternatives to beverages and water in plastic bottles, which can make a significant contribution to reducing plastic packaging and positively [...]

What are the benefits of installing drinking water springs in buildings?

Drinking water wells in buildings are often overlooked in projects, which is a mistake, as they play a significant role in promoting both environmental sustainability and economic efficiency. These inconspicuous solutions provide easy access to clean drinking water, reducing the need for disposable plastic bottles and the associated environmental and financial costs. Which ones? About this in this article.

Drinking water springs in public spaces - why should there be more and more of them?

Universal access to drinking water in public spaces has been the norm for many years in Western European and North American cities. In many of them, drinking water springs were established as early as the 19th century and in some cases even much earlier. Today, in Poland too, there is increasing talk of the need to provide as many places as possible with public access to water. Why are drinking water springs in public spaces so important? What can we do to increase their number?

Reusable water bottle - small change in life, big change for the environment

reusable water bottle held in a pouch

In the 21st century, the reusable water bottle has become an almost indispensable attribute of every person who cares about their own health and the environment. While until recently we associated this type of gadget mainly with professional athletes, today more and more ordinary people also use reusable bottles. Why has the inconspicuous water bottle become a symbol of the fight for ecology? What should we consider when buying a water bottle or water bottle?

Take advantage of our free e-books - it's worth knowing more

In order to meet the expectations of our audience, as well as all those interested in the subject of drinking water and its provision in public places, we have prepared practical e-books, divided by topic, addressing important issues such as the selection and installation of water sprinklers and distributors. A must have for starters is the e-book on the advantages and benefits of drinking water. Further important topics include [...].