Water sources in schools - why is it worth it?

Drinking water sources and dispensers in schools are an important part of ensuring access to healthy water for pupils. How do these state-of-the-art solutions affect comfort, health and the development of healthy habits among children and young people. This is discussed in this blog post. Drinking water sources and dispensers in schools ensure that students have continuous access to clean and healthy water. [...]

Guidelines for schools on the use of water dispensers

At the start of the pandemic and then during the period when the younger classes returned to school buildings, springs and water dispensers were shut down top-down. Fortunately, the pandemic period is behind us and the school walls resound with the bustle of children. While water consumption is not so high in autumn and winter, already in, for example, May or June [...].

Installation of water dispensers at the American School of Warsaw

In mid-August 2020, the installation of wall-mounted drinking water dispensers was completed at the American School of Warsaw, which is attended by children from different countries, but also by Poles. Among other things, the school is counted among the prestigious ones because it guarantees a high level of education and the best equipment. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and increased safety standards in schools, [...]