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In this section you will find a range of practical information related to our solutions. In the articles, we share our experience, discuss implementation steps and highlight good practices. It is a reliable source of information and advice on the provision of drinking water in public spaces, the legal regulations in this area, the benefits of installing drinking water dispensers and the technological aspects in this field.

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Drinking water wells in the city: promotion for waterworks, benefits for residents, opportunity for your project

Clean and healthy drinking water is a key element for a healthy lifestyle and social well-being. It is therefore of utmost importance that residents of cities and municipalities have easy access to exceptional water quality. One step in this direction is the installation of drinking water sources in public areas. It is worth taking a look at why municipal authorities are increasingly opting for this initiative and the benefits this brings to local water supply.

The installation of drinking water spigots in municipal and communal areas provides residents with easy access to fresh and clean drinking water. This is especially important during periods of hot weather or when immediate access to water is needed in emergency situations. Residents no longer have to rely on plastic water bottles, which is not only more convenient but also more environmentally friendly.

Promotion of healthy lifestyles

The installation of sprinklers in public spaces can be part of the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. It encourages people to drink water instead of sugary fizzy drinks or other high-calorie drinks. This works in favour of the health of the population and contributes to the fight against the problem of obesity and other diseases associated with excessive sugar consumption.

Support for local water supply

Zdroje is an excellent promotion for local waterworks. By popularising the use of water from municipal sources, local waterworks can gain more customers. This, in turn, translates into more revenue, which can be reinvested in the infrastructure and quality of the water supplied.

Economy and ecology

Water from municipal springs is much cheaper than bottled water. The installation of drinking water springs is therefore also beneficial from the point of view of the city or municipality's budget and residents. Less expenditure on the purchase of bottled water in offices means more funds for other public projects.

Every sprinkler is a step towards reducing plastic consumption. Plastic water bottles are one of the main sources of environmental pollution. The installation of drinking water sources contributes to reducing plastic waste and takes care of the state of our planet.

The installation of drinking water sources in municipal areas is a step in the right direction. It provides residents with access to healthy water, promotes healthy lifestyles, supports local water supply, saves public funds and contributes to environmental protection. It is an investment that has a positive impact on the quality of life of the residents and the local community and is an important step towards sustainable development. This is why more and more investors are putting these solutions as a must have in projects. Are you looking for inspiration on this topic? We look forward to working with you!