Wall-mounted drinking water dispenser with sensor and meter BF16-BCD

Modern and ecological construction involves the use of the best technologies and innovative solutions. This includes not only the use of appropriate building materials that make buildings energy-efficient, but also the introduction of products and equipment that improve the functionality of buildings and their utility value. One such solution is networked water stations and dispensers, which provide unlimited access to potable water for everyone in the facility: employees, guests, customers. Thanks to their interesting design, they go well with both modern and stylish interior finishes, while increasing their functionality. By connecting directly to tap water, the costs associated with purchasing and storing water in cans can be significantly reduced. This type of equipment not only improves the standard of the building, but also helps to create health-oriented and environmentally friendly behaviour in the community.

One example is the wall-mounted water dispenser model BF16-BCD, which impresses with its streamlined shape, slim profile and ease of use. Thanks to the built-in sensor, it allows you to fill a bottle, bidon or glass without touching it, and the automatic bottle reader will indicate the number of saved 1-litre plastic bottles that have not entered the environment through the use of the dispenser. This is an ideal solution, thanks to which we are fulfilling the obligation of access to drinking water for our employees and, on the other hand, raising the awareness of others about modern devices that have a positive impact on the environment.

This device is also ideal for schools, offices or customer service rooms. It provides a safe water intake, in addition to being discreet and fitting into any interior design.