GYM drinking water station

Outdoor drinking water station, spring/distributor, GYMProduct code:142.400.119 Product description The GYM model is a pedestal water sprinkler with bottle filling distributor. The construction of the unit is made of 2.8 mm thick stainless steel and the bowl is made of 1.27 mm thick stainless steel. The mounting base has four fixing holes. The service door is fixed with vandal-resistant screws [...].

Drinking water station with animal drinker GYM-PF

Outdoor drinking water station, spring/distributor/animal drinker, GYM-PFProduct code:142.400.113 Product description The GYM-PF model is a pedestal water dispenser with a bottle filling distributor and animal drinker. The unit is constructed from 3 mm thick stainless steel. The mounting base has four fixing holes. The service door is secured with vandal-resistant steel screws [...].

Drinking water station with hand washing station GWQ

Drinking water station with handwashing station, satin, GWQProduct code:142.500.920 Product description This modern solution performs multiple functions at once: it is a spring for direct drinking of water, a bottle filling dispenser and also a station for contactless handwashing. The bottle filling dispenser can be activated by a sensor or a button. The hand-washing station is equipped [...].

Hand washing station GWJ

Handwashing station, GWJProduct code:142.500.910 Product description The outdoor handwashing station has a high-quality stainless steel construction with an ADA-compliant arm. The deep, circular bowl provides ample handwashing space, while the sensor-activated faucet minimises contact points and helps reduce the spread of germs. Battery-operated activation sensor. Ideal [...]

Drinking water tap rectangular satin GSF

Pedestal drinking water dispenser, 1*rectangular bowl, satin finish, GSFProduct code: 142.400.202 Product description Pedestal drinking water dispenser, stainless steel, satin finish. Corrosion- and weather-resistant, vandal-proof. Stainless steel bowl, actuated by a self-reversing button located in a prominent position. Designed for outdoor applications such as parks, promenades, urban gardens and cycle paths. [...]

Drinking water round 8903

Drinking water spring, upright, 1*bowl, round, 8903Product code: 142.600.103 Product description Pedestal tap water spring made of stainless steel, round. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Great for offices, offices, schools, but also for patios, playing fields, by promenades or in parks. Provides access to mains drinking water for all those who are thirsty. [...]

Stylized water dispenser operated by foot pedal M-1776

Tap water dispenser, 1*round bowl, stylised, foot pedal operated, M-1776Product code:142.500.600 Product description The M-1776 Murdock Super Secur model is made in the traditional classic style. The unit is suitable for year-round use, even in sub-zero temperatures. The pedestal is made as a monolithic cast iron, uniform from ground level to the drip bowl. The pedestal has decorative embossing and is finished in black [...].

Stylized two-storey water spring 3511

Tap water dispenser, pedestal, aluminium, two-tier, 2*round bowl, black, 3511Product code:101.420.567 Product description A water dispenser designed for outdoor use. The cast aluminium pedestal is in a retro style with a powder-coated surface finish in RAL 7016 and has a stainless steel bowl with a high gloss polished finish. The sprinkler fits perfectly into the [...]

Stylized two-bowl water dispenser M-C76B

Tap water dispenser, 2*round bowl, stylised, M-C76BProduct code:142.500.602 Product description Model M-C76B is a two-tier pedestal water dispenser. The unit has one bowl placed on top of the pedestal and the other mounted on the side arm. The pedestal and side arm are made in heavy cast iron. There are four mounting holes in the pedestal base. The pedestal and side arm are finished [...].

Wall-mounted drinking water dispenser GRC

Wall-mounted drinking water dispenser, 1*round bowl, GRCProduct code:142.500.100 Product description The GRC model is a round water dispenser for wall mounting, vandal-resistant, with a bowl made of Type 304 stainless steel, 1.27 mm thick mounted on a heavy-duty stainless steel bracket (powder-coated in the colour of your choice - extra cost option), thickness [...]