Drinking water springs in public spaces - why should there be more and more of them?

outdoor drinking water dispenser located in a public space

Universal access to drinking water in public spaces has been the norm for many years in Western European and North American cities. In many of them, drinking water springs were established as early as the 19th century and in some cases even much earlier. Today, in Poland too, there is increasing talk of the need to provide as many places as possible with public access to water. Why are drinking water springs in public spaces so important? What can we do to increase their number?

Why include drinking water outlets in building designs?

Drinking water dispenser located in a public building

Free access to drinkable water is one of the most important rights of every human being. Fortunately, today there is more and more talk about providing access to drinking water sources in public spaces, as well as in offices, residential buildings, schools or offices. In this way, both human well-being and the environment can be taken care of. Why is it so important to include drinking water springs in building designs?

Is drinking tap water healthy? We present the facts, dispel the myths

A child drinking tap water from a drinking water fountain

Drinking tap water is becoming more and more popular every year. Some drink it for the sake of saving money, others for the sake of the environment. Still others choose to drink tap water simply because it tastes good. Despite this, there are still many myths circulating about the quality of tap water. People repeat rumours that it is poor in minerals, contaminated, unfit for consumption and sometimes even poisonous. What is it like in reality? Is drinking tap water healthy?

Which water dispenser for the office? Everything you need to know!

water dispenser in the office

Providing employees with constant access to drinking water is one of the basic obligations of every employer under health and safety legislation. The best way to fulfil this obligation is through an office water dispenser. Contrary to what you may think, however, choosing the right water supplier is not that simple. Before making a decision, it is important to consider what you specifically expect from the device and what kind of water you need. How do you choose a water dispenser for the office and what features should you look out for?